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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:33:45 -0800
Subject: [Puptcrit] Donate puppets to kids in Iraq

We in the puppet community have the great fortune to have a person on 
the ground in Iraq right now who is heading a program that delivers 
puppets directly to the children in Iraq.  Regardless of how you feel 
about this war, if you believe in the power of puppetry and want to 
help these traumatized children, this is certainly the time to act on 
your passion. Army 1st Sergeant Bruce Reges, and his mother, Jean 
Reges Burn, a long-time member of Puppeteers of America, started the 
non-profit organization Peace Through Puppets last year and the 
success of the program has been great.

Did you read the article in the Washington Post? In the Fall Puppetry 
Journal? When 1st Sergeant Bruce Reges entered an Iraqi school 
classroom for the first time, he was dressed in full body armor, and 
the children were terrified. Sergeant Reges was profoundly upset by 
this, and he immediately contacted his puppeteer mother and asked her 
to send puppets. Three weeks and several boxes later, Peace Through 
Puppets became an official non-profit organization, and the staff has 
been collecting and shipping puppets to Iraq ever since. By the way, 
PTP staff members include Judy and Bob Brown, who just won the 2007 
Puppeteers of America President's Award for 50 years of outstanding 
contribution to the art of puppetry.

Bruce Reges started this program by giving small hand puppets to 
soldiers and asking them to pass them to Iraqi kids. Now boxes of 
puppets are delivered directly to school teachers who pass them to 
their students.  The power of the puppet has been amazing in how it 
has transcended language and cultural barriers.

At this point, Sergeant Reges says that he can take donations of 
stuffed animals, puppets, and marionettes of almost any type or size. 
Just no depictions of people or pigs, please. Iraqi culture doesn't 
accept those. New puppets are good. Used puppets are good too, as 
long as they are clean.  Donations of cash go toward buying and 
shipping more puppets.

Here's an article on how war-related stress in kids is eased by 
stuffed animals: 

For photos and more information about Peace through Puppets, go to

If you would like to donate puppets, you may send the box directly to 
the military APO address, but please email Jean Reges Burn in advance 
to let her know what you are sending.  Jean's email is  Shipping to the APO address is VERY cheap 

1 SG Bruce L. Reges
C/431 CA
FOB Warhorse
APO/AE 09336

You will need to take the box to the Post Office and fill out a customs form.

If you would like to donate cash, please send a check to:
Peace Through Puppets
P.O. Box 1231 - Herndon, VA - 20172

Last week, the San Francisco Puppeteers Guild collected over 200 
puppets and stuffed animals to donate to the program. The San Diego 
Guild is in the process of collecting right now.

Please open your closets and bring out those puppets!

Mary Decker
PTP Liaison

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