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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:59:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] The Foam Book DVD + Book

May the dvd did not work because it may be regional especific. I have bought
dvds in Europe that would not work on my dvd player but then there are
helpful hacker sights that show you how to make your dvd player "multi
regional". very helpful.

On 1/23/08, <> wrote:
> Hi all
> On a visit at another puppeteer`s place, I just had the chance to watch
> The
> Foam Book Dvd edition, and have to say it`s a great resource.
> I`ve been working with foam sheets on and off or a few years now, and
> still
> I learned a lot of neater and more efficient methods from this two-disk
> DVD.
> His pattern making method is fast and easy to adapt to other forms. A
> great
> starting point for wildly imaginative forms.
> One can tell Drew Allison speaks from experience, and it`s brought to the
> viewer in a reassuringly simple approach.
> I am going to apply these immediately, saving me time and efforts.
> I`ll also recommend this video to my puppeteer`s association, to keep in
> their library. If they get only one foam puppet building DVD, this one has
> all you need to start, to continue, and to grow from.
> The techniques are so simple that after viewing the videos once, I`m ready
> to apply most of them. I might need to watch them again if I don`t try all
> the approaches within a few weeks. The body learns best by doing.
> The disks aren`t mine, so maybe I`ll buy my own set (DVD and book).
> The Foam Book (paper edition) is a great addition to have, as it covers
> the
> same material as the DVD, providing detailed drawings. This makes it more
> practical to consult at aa moment`s notice, without the need for a TV nor
> dvd player!
> -The disk does not work in all DVD players. I tried to view it on a
> regular
> dvd player for a TV, and the disk was not recognised. I had to watch it on
> a
> personal computer.
> -As was the case with the other foam building video I reviewed (Noreen
> Young`s Building Lifelike Puppets), there is one oversight: health and
> safety issues. There is only the mention of using a rubber glove to avoid
> having glue on the skin. I noticed no mention of the danger of fumes from
> either the spray glues nor the liquid contact cement.
> So, if you offer this DVD to a beginner, make sure you include some
> written
> warnings about such toxic things, and how to counter their effects
> (respirators, proper ventilation, etc)...
> CONCLUSION: I highly reccomend the Foam Book DVD, and encourage people to
> buy the FOAM BOOK (book) with it.
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