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Feb 3 is already a favorite date on my calendar
You share a birthday date with  some very fabulous people; Gertrude Stein, 
Felix Mendelssohn, Mabel Mercer ( a very great cabaret singer),Nathan Lane, 
Fred Rogers, Kenneth Anger (film maker), James Michener (the author- who did 
puppet shows while attending Swarthmore)

You belong in this group of stars

Back in 2000 I asked Lee Armstrong if she would tape some interviews with 
San Francisco Bay Area puppet legends- Lettie Schubert and Lewis Mahlmann. 
Lee did a splendid job

I wish there was a recording of the time at Asilomar when you and I and Paul 
Mesner were up until 3AM (or later?) listening to your stories.

We all have so much to learn from you.

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Subject: [Puptcrit] Correction. Alan's Birthday

> My birthday is February 3, exactly one month from now.
> I have heard some complaints from some African-Americans that Black 
> History Month is also the shortest month (February), but when I was in 
> Grammar School, I thought it was more ELITE, being a smaller month than 
> the others. Also it is the birthday month for both George Washington and 
> Abraham Lincoln( known as the Great Emancipator ) whose presidency is 
> linked with the end of African slavery in the USA. It still perplexes me 
> how good Christian folk could ever justify slavery for anyone, but people 
> did just that.
> There are some things I will never understand.
> But one aspect of my fascination with Puppet Theatre is that it often is 
> smaller scale than standard theater, takes less storage space, and has an 
> intimacy that is accessible.
> P.S.  When I have done interviews I try to gather some pertinent questions 
> whose answers lead to more questions.
> I welcome such questions from putcritters. Just sitting down with a 
> microphone and a camera is not enough. Anything that stimulates the Memory 
> is a big help!
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