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Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 11:24:05 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Faux Fur or Craft Fur....bargins?

Hi Ann, and all.
Happy new year!

Synthetic fur is not always expensive, it depends on the quality, the lenght 
of hair you need, and the way it is packed. So far, I found that even the 
20$ a yard long haired-fur is quite affordable for most of my puppet 
projects, because:
-the sizes of most of my puppets are relatively small (tv- mouth muppet size 
-a yard is in fact almost two, since it comes folded on the rolls.

I never use cheap "craft fur" from craft supply stores. The ones I've 
examined were less "concentrated", were weak and easy to ruin (loss of hair, 
pilling, etc...).

If you want to save money, some animals that have short hair can be made 
with other kinds of fabric, such as polar fleece, ultrasuede, and microfiber 
polyester. These come in stretchy versions too, so it's easier to wrap 
around a puppet form.  For example, a reptile with lots of skin folds can be 
made with a non stretch fabric, it's all about how you play with the fabric 
folds, and hide the areas where it is joined.

Used synthetic fur coats can be found in thrift stores. The problem with 
that is that you have to shop around a lot to find the kind you need 
specifically, especially if you are very selective, and or don't have a car.

Have fun!

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