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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:02:22 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Stuff that looked useful...

This year I picked up some post holiday stuff that I think will be useful. I got a couple of packages of heavy plastic hooks for securing tree lights to gutters or some such that look like they have in booth rigging potential and possibly could be used in some puppets to hold cables/props where you want them. Also picked up a peachy keen remote for controlling two outdoor displays. The remote comes with a pair of plug in boxes that you can plug whatever into and then use the remote to trigger each thing separately. I picked up a red soft sided foldable wheely case for up to a 7.5 ft Christmas tree with handle at one end and on top. I expect I will be able to schlep a number of puppets/props/ curtains etc. in there and the handled plastic case it came in offers more storage for other things. I also got a large pre-packaged columnar foam chunk designed to make a marshmallow witch thing. I plan to cut it into large chunks for foam carving. (The clearance Halloween stuff in the back of the store is sometimes cheaper than the same thing done Christmas on clearance in the front of the store.) locally it is hard to get large chunks of foam suitable for making heads, etc. 75% off is pretty good.

I considered the spray glitters, snows and adhesives but refrained. I found some shoe/boot ornaments that look the right size for marionette feet. I picked up some 40-80 ft extension cords. (Forest green is the new black.)Also fun was the feather boa gift ribbon. I only got green and blue, as I was a reluctant lemming this year. If you really want to be a lemming, you have to get up very early the day after Christmas ( or Thanksgiving) and go shopping. These are my family's designated Lemming Day holidays. Lemming Day- the day when people with nothing really to do... go out en masse and spend money they don't really have... for things they don't really need. The one who spends the most is declared the winner and is entitled to lead the snoring chorus in the post Lemming Day shopping nap. For those who do not celebrate as my people-- cast not aspersions on the diversions of my culture, lest someone look into your own junk drawer.:).

Best wishes!
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