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Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 07:31:47 +1000
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Hello! test test! Is there any one in there?????
The word is CONVENTIONS...not Rules....WTF have you started rabbiting on 
about rules for?
Once again for those who find it hard to listen first........ Modigliani may 
of challenged SOME conventions...well actually no he didnt but if you dont 
understand art strictures it may well appear that he did but I wont go there 
for less than $7.50 GST Incl., BUT he utilised OTHER conventions to 
emphasise his forms...he DIDNT challenge the conventions...he utilised 
Mathieu wasnt interested in some pointless waffling about being daring and 
breaking the rules he was interested in what CONVENTIONS we observe as 
puppeteers and Im interested in WHY?
So once again for example...Why do we represent night with a blue light? Its 
not a rule, its a convention.
Mind you it seems that as soon as some one proposes an interesting, perhaps 
challenging, course of conversation, some one has to get bogged down in 

Daniel du Kismet.

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> Exactly what I am saying.
> On 3/6/08, Ed Atkeson <> wrote:
>> >>> Kismet, when I mentioned Van G. and Modigliani, I was referring
>> to composition etc. It would be rediculous to think they did not
>> follow the basics of using paint and canvas, but their vision and
>> perception was new and different. I was thinking of their vision end
>> execution. The same can be said of the puppeteer Basil Milifsoroff
>> (again sp?) who was a master of surrealistt puppetry, yet used the
>> basic mechanics.
>> No one should get hung up thinking they can't do something because it
>> doesn't fit the "rules".
>> --------------------------
>> I think that Mathieu is asking what your "principles" are. What are
>> your best practices, whatever. And if Van G. and Modigliani were on
>> the list he'd be asking them for theirs.
>> Jim, it sounds like the principle that you are suggesting is -- No
>> one should get hung up thinking they can't do something because it
>> doesn't fit the "rules".
>> Sounds good to me.
>> best,
>> Ed
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