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Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 01:55:32 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Rough puppets: why they work?

>Serendipity Mathieu,
I have enrolled to do the four day workshop with Petr at UNIMA2008 because I
was so enamoured with his work as a puppet maker and environment designer.
His website is amazing as well
some favorite images....
but have fun exploring...turn the sound on....

Hi Daniel.

Good for you!
Back in 2004 when he was one of the guests of honor at the local festival, 
he gave a two week intensive in marionnette carving and movement. WOW! I 
visited the students one day when they were working, and it seemed at first 
glance like everyone was an experienced carver, while in reality, many of 
them had never done it.
The students I spoke to had only good things to say about Petr.
Their puppets were all very different, and he was helping them create what 
they wanted, using various solutions.
My favorite puppet of them was a simple fabric bag for the body, and carved 
wooden heads and legs: a donkey.

When I met Mr. Matasek, he was hanging around (off duty) with a few of them. 
He was very friendly, and gave me a few pointers concerning one of his 
puppet controller I was intriged by. I asked him permission to take pictures 
of his exhibit for my own use, to study how things work and of course the 
style. He was all for it, saying he did not invent the systems, just worked 
from what he learned from others, and wanted to share with current and 
future generations!

The student presentation which was shown at the festival was very 
entertaining and a glimpse of what rod puppets can do, as well as other 
styles. I learned a lot just from examining the exhibited puppets and the 
finished student puppets. I wish I had had the budget to take that workshop 
too, but it was either that or the festival shows.

I intend to start carving wood in a close to traditionnal style as soon as I 
can get my hand on some good chisels and gouges. I will also be looking for 
a marionnette carving workshop closer to home.
In the meantime, next chance I get at some free time, I'll experiment with 
my Dremel's carving bits.


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