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Subject: [Puptcrit] Allegretti and others

Various internet references say that puppeteer cosmo gus allegretti was
married to
Carol Lawrence from 1955-1959
This was when Ms Lawrence played  Maria on Bdwy in the original production
of West Side Story and before she married Robert Goulet

I might have found an address for Mr Allegretti.

There are various obstacles to getting correct biographical information on 

Stage names or actor's equity names or ever nick names or married names 
might not be the name used on official documents

Age- well many perfomers are reticent to say how old they are, and sometimes 
birth year changes more than once!

I just spoke to a puppeteer who perfomed as Anne Sharon. She traveled the 
world in the 1940s performing for the US0 to entertain troops. Her married 
name is Anne Bomberger. She turned 90 in Sept.
She told me she donated her puppets to the Smithsonian

TV Puppeteer- Paul Ashley 1913-1984 was really named Paul Sposeto

Punch and Judy man George Prentice 1903-1985 was born Michael Zilka


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> His full name is Cosmo Francis Allegretti, so I don't think this is
> the same guy.
> -- Galen
> On Mar 9, 2008, at 11:00 AM, wrote:
>> Steve,
>> If Augustus "Gus" Allegretti is still around, he may be living in
>> New Jersey; his current age is given variously as 73 and 83 and his
>> wife's name is Kathleen.  He has lived in Whiting, Trenton,
>> Manchester Township, and Elizabethtown.  I don't know if he is the
>> same fellow, but these could be good leads to follow.
>> Sean
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