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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 02:22:20 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Character Design

Hi all, 
I find my current contract to be one of my most challenging.
The customers want something specific but after over three dozen sketches from me, they have not found anything close to what they need.
Our respective vocabularies seemed to be incompatible at first. I've never had such difficulties satisfying a customer.
I'm learning a lot, and my drawing skills have been improving FAST, from necessity.

After another discussion, I think we're back on the right track now, but this means I have to update my old grasp of cartoon characters.

Hence this query:

-What cartoon character do find the most efficient and appealing, and why? Please elaborate with as much technical details as possible.

Example: I am crazy about the Brain, in the Warner Brothers cartoon "Pinky and the Brain", because he has great eye focus, a huge brain that is directly related to his character concept (smart), and an unusually dark gaze for a non-evil character. He also has a look that is unlike any other mouse or rat character out there, without taking away the credibility. His facial features squished together and made small by the hugeness of the head surrounding them makes him look huge despite his small stature.
(I wish I could add details about how he is constructed, his "grid", but that's exactly what I'm trying to figure out).

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