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I really like the scientist in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. He 
looks mostly human, but also kinda like a bird with his lips protruding to 
almost resemble a beak. He has dark sunglasses and the best part is he can 
remove his skull and massage his brain! I also like that he is in a 
wheelchair and has very spindly arms and legs, and a nuch larger head, which 
seem to emphasize that he is a thinker. He may be too dark for your clients.

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> Hi all,
> I find my current contract to be one of my most challenging.
> The customers want something specific but after over three dozen sketches 
> from me, they have not found anything close to what they need.
> Our respective vocabularies seemed to be incompatible at first. I've never 
> had such difficulties satisfying a customer.
> I'm learning a lot, and my drawing skills have been improving FAST, from 
> necessity.
> After another discussion, I think we're back on the right track now, but 
> this means I have to update my old grasp of cartoon characters.
> Hence this query:
> -What cartoon character do find the most efficient and appealing, and why? 
> Please elaborate with as much technical details as possible.
> Thanks!
> Example: I am crazy about the Brain, in the Warner Brothers cartoon "Pinky 
> and the Brain", because he has great eye focus, a huge brain that is 
> directly related to his character concept (smart), and an unusually dark 
> gaze for a non-evil character. He also has a look that is unlike any other 
> mouse or rat character out there, without taking away the credibility. His 
> facial features squished together and made small by the hugeness of the 
> head surrounding them makes him look huge despite his small stature.
> (I wish I could add details about how he is constructed, his "grid", but 
> that's exactly what I'm trying to figure out).
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