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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:40:51 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Character Design

Thanks a lot, Katy,

The resources and advice shall be very useful.
I spent last night working on a new head (plastalina) and I am quite 
satisfied with it.

The customer wasn't saying it was what they were looking for, but he at 
least liked it, and will get some feedback from the team.  He told me before 
that they are waiting for a design that everyone will go crazy over.
After all, the puppet should last at least 3 years on a TV show might as 
well have one that is appealing!

This project is teaching me a lot, and I enjoy the challenge.

The other head I am working on currently is also plastalina, and also 
Your advice about the profile was already the basis for his design, so 
thanks for confirming it, good timing!
I think I'll emphasise it even more.

I'm a bit worried the profile might be too close to a certain cartoon 
character, so I'll go chek the original, and make sure I veer away from it.

Because of the nature of the character (a brainiac scientist, 
professor-cyborg), I am workjing very hard to avoid cliches. One cliche I 
can't veer away from is the big cranium, because it's been established by 
the customer.
I am still trying to find a lesser explored approach to it.

I have a collegue who says "it's all been done before, and we can only make 
small adjustments or matches", yet in his actions and creations, we see he 
is as much an explorer as I am.

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