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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 18:56:26 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] My puppets at UNIMA Australia!

Good one Mathieu, I know the masters of Newspaper Puppets, Krinkl, will be 
there as well so a theme is developing. I noticed your credit as the 
photographer of AQM's promo shots
Is that the puppet you were refering too?
Hope I catch the show...soooo many things to see......sooo little 

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Subject: [Puptcrit] My puppets at UNIMA Australia!

> Hey folks!
> I'm just giddy with a double jolt of happyness right now.
> Not only has my TV customer become enthusiastic about my latest designs, 
> but
> another contract has been confirmed!
> My puppet association's improv league (MOMI) has hired me to create two
> newspaper-and-tape puppets for them to bring to perform at the UNIMA event
> happening soon in Australia.
> They 'll also bring my prototype, which I lend them often for their local
> prestations.
> It's been surprisingly durable, I've created it at least 3 years ago, and 
> it
> only required a fixing once.
> Duct tape of a real good quality goes a long way (I used it for all the
> articulations).
> I should have pics up as soon as they are done, most probably by the end 
> of
> next week.
> It's going to take more than my usual afternoon to build these newspaper
> puppets. I intend to improve on the system, because that's how I work, and
> because I always make my commissionned work as durable as possible.
> Newspaper or not, I won't change that policy, unless the customer
> specifically wants a self-destruct puppet.
> I could be sad that I won't be at yet another puppet event, but I take a
> little comfort in knowing some of my puppets will be.
> If you attend this Unima event, be sure to go see the improv show, and say
> hi to puppeteers and puppets.
> They are a wild ecclectic bunch!
> PS: If you take good pics during performance (if allowed), don't be 
> affraid
> to send them my way, I could use them for my portfolio, and I'll transmit 
> it
> to the improv league, so they have it on file.
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