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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 23:25:08 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] TECH: useful clay tips

>Hey Mathieu;
    Reguarding your clay work, have you ever painted on some paint thinner
onto the plasticine clay? This method works the best for me. After I finish
a detailed area I paint it up with the thinner, it smooths out all your
problem areas and makes a nice smooth tecture. You can also apply a tecture
to your work after you let the thinner dry. Don't worry, the thinner doesn't
ruin the clay it just works on the top suface area . I have been using the
same plastcine fo rover 15 years and it still works great.
    Hope this is helpfull.

The Puppet People

Hi Puppet People Mark,

Yes, I've used paint thinner, turpentine, and citrus solvents a lot last 
summer when I was working on characters that needed to be very smooth, 
destined to be made in rubber latex.

I really like how fast it works, but not how long it takes for the solvent 
to evaporate and let me work again.
I've read somewhere that you can spray rubbing alcohol on the sculpt to 
speed up the drying of the solvents, but when I tried, it didn't seem to 

When proper ventilation (ie: working outdoors) is not an option, I don't use 
toxic solvents.
I go for a bit more patience, working with mineral oil, sometimes vaseline, 
sometimes liquid parafin(baby oil), starting from a stiffer brush (hogs 
bristle) and finishing with a softer one (synthetic).
For extra smoothness at the end, I can rub some rubbing alochol with my 
fingers, or some silicone tipped tool.

When building up my features, I work with small bits of plastalina, and to 
join them together faster withoput loosing too much of their definition, I 
use an alcohol torch. It melts the clay very precisely, and can also be used 
for texture work. A can of pressurised "air" such as "Dust-Off" ca be sued, 
upside-down, as a "freeze spray", to instantly harden an area melted with 
the torch.
When large areas need to be softened, I prefer to use a heat gun. Mine is 
broken, so I use a hair dryer at high setting, but only during daytime, so 
as not to disturb the upstairs neighbor.

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