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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 21:07:34 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Can Horrendous be Appealing and Efficient?

Oh Dear, let's add verbal diahorrea to Caro's long list of foibles shall we?

"I will ignore all OF your grammar mistakes...."
"I didnt know that you WOULD come up........"

You have confused me with your museum argument....Because it is in a science 
museum NOT an art gallery it cant be art? Sorry, taxidermists DO NOT arrange 
gorillas in a museum...the scenic ARTIST does...... Our company has just 
tendered to re-develop a live seal exhibition...are we artists or have I 
become a marine biologists?.....mum always said I should get a real job, She 
will be so proud!

Ummmmmm, perhaps you had better study Von Hagen some more....try not 
laughing this time....a vasectomy ISNT done on a persons ass. (although 
seeing that you do a lot of talking out of your arse maybe your 
physiological makeup is different?)

"If I knew, I would OF waited so THAT I COULD include......" Although "If I 
knew"....well knew what? It SHOULD properly read If I had known 
that.....this.... or even If I had OF known that.......

".....thing that you HAVE got right though...."

No Caro...I DIDNT say "....kiddy world of conventional puppetry.."...your 
confusing conversations again.....stay with me on this.....Kiddy 
Shows.....shows that are suited to a simpler level of understanding....(you 
sure your not related to GW?)
Its very hard to take seriously someone who has to resort to profanity and 
derision to obscure their ignorance but
hey! its good to know that your village still has its idiot.
........ do you know how much they pay for a good used pink elephant carcass 
Mathieu? How big a skull did you want...I keep promising myself to send you 
a skull mold I have (knowing how much you like skulls) but they are only 
about 2 inches high..... Did you check out Bucky's Bones?


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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Can Horrendous be Appealing and Efficient?

> Am I supposed to be impressed after all this BS?
> Hmm, I don't know...
> Speaking of ignorance, I will ignore all your grammar mistakes only to 
> allow a clear and well deserved cultural image of yourself to radiate from 
> my LCD monitor.
> When that is over and I gather myself from the profound cultural trance 
> your message sent me to, I will try (probably unsuccessfully) to remind 
> you that the mere fact Von Hagens decided to have his scientific, yet very 
> aesthetically presented works in a museum, does not necessarily give those 
> exhibit items the status of art, rather than science.
> Under the same token, I may be entitled to suspect that when you go to a 
> history-biology type of museum and you see some stuffed apes arranged in a 
> make believe natural habitat, you may take that as art as well.
> On the other hand, when I used the word "deranged" in reference to our 
> Canadian friend's intention to build a puppet using a real human skull, I 
> didn't know that you will come up with something even more gross like the 
> examples you gave about the idiot who had a vasectomy done on his ass (or 
> vicinity) after having sex with a cadaver, or some other crazy f... who 
> eats human flesh. If I knew, I would have waited so I can include this 
> crap in the sphere defined by the word "deranged".
> One thing you got right though. I would rather stay within my "kiddy" 
> world of conventional puppetry than having to deal with "art" of that 
> sort.
> Now about the "semiotic" BS.... Neah, forget it... Ha, ha, ha, ha...
> With all due respect,
> Caro
> Kismet <> wrote: We often ship in a 10 pound bag or 
> two of mixed bones from Bucky's Boneyard,
> usually includes a skull or two.......
> Now Von Hagens work The Body Worlds, is hardly an anatomically study, 
> rather
> an impressionistic intepretion defined by the vaguries of the method...For
> educational purposes? You'd end up with a perverse sense of anatomy if you
> took those cadavers literally.... you were probable laughing so much  you
> didnt notice this when you were at the exhibition....I did.....Havent seen
> the autopsy film but apparently it was done as a performance rather than a
> scientific process.
> Zhy Yu is a canibal artist...ohhh DUH! He eats human flesh...the baby was
> only one of the more controversial acts.....others in this genre include 
> Sun
> Yu An, Peng Yu, Cai Yuan, JJxi (who made penis wine to serve to critics) I
> guess Jane Goodall who ate a less than recently deceased cat on the steps 
> of
> the NSW Art Gallery could be included...even if only because I was in the
> audience.
> John Duncan sexually obsessed? again DUH! The point of the performance,
> which concluded with a public vasectomy is his concern, as a victim of 
> child
> sexual abuse, that he may be an offender. If you dont understand the
> semiotics involved in the performance you may do better sticking to kiddy
> shows........
> Apparently a number of so called "christian" churches perform a ritual 
> where
> they recreate the last supper and use the symbolism of the bread and wine 
> as
> a mettaphor or transignification for Christs Body and blood being shed for
> redemption....what is refered to as a calvanist theological view...Now you
> were so busy sniggering  in your ignorance to notice that I referred to 
> the
> ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (and I include many of the orthodox churches that 
> also
> adhere to the synoptic gospels) that have a PROFESSED belief that through
> the eucharistic liturgy the bread and the wine DO TURN (through a process
> termed "transubstantiation") into the ACTUAL body and the blood of
> Christ....They DO NOT believe that this is a mettaphor but a God Given
> Blessed Sacrement. This was reaffirmed by the vatican in 1965 and remains
> part of the Catechism to this day...ipso facto a Roman Catholic believes
> that they are participating in a cannibalistic ritual.......
> So next time, before you go rolling on the floor in some fit of epileptic
> seizure, try to get the facts right...what was the saying? I wise man 
> closes
> his mouth and keeps people guessing....a fool opens their mouth and proves
> it?
> ;-)
> D.
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