File puptcrit/puptcrit.0803, message 327

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 14:53:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Can Horrendous be Appealing and Efficient?

OK, dismissed.

Kismet <> wrote: Oh Dear, let's add verbal diahorrea to Caro's long list of foibles shall we?

"I will ignore all OF your grammar mistakes...."
"I didnt know that you WOULD come up........"

You have confused me with your museum argument....Because it is in a science 
museum NOT an art gallery it cant be art? Sorry, taxidermists DO NOT arrange 
gorillas in a museum...the scenic ARTIST does...... Our company has just 
tendered to re-develop a live seal exhibition...are we artists or have I 
become a marine biologists?.....mum always said I should get a real job, She 
will be so proud!

Ummmmmm, perhaps you had better study Von Hagen some more....try not 
laughing this time....a vasectomy ISNT done on a persons ass. (although 
seeing that you do a lot of talking out of your arse maybe your 
physiological makeup is different?)

"If I knew, I would OF waited so THAT I COULD include......" Although "If I 
knew"....well knew what? It SHOULD properly read If I had known 
that.....this.... or even If I had OF known that.......

".....thing that you HAVE got right though...."

No Caro...I DIDNT say "....kiddy world of conventional puppetry.."...your 
confusing conversations again.....stay with me on this.....Kiddy 
Shows.....shows that are suited to a simpler level of understanding....(you 
sure your not related to GW?)
Its very hard to take seriously someone who has to resort to profanity and 
derision to obscure their ignorance but
hey! its good to know that your village still has its idiot.
........ do you know how much they pay for a good used pink elephant carcass 
Mathieu? How big a skull did you want...I keep promising myself to send you 
a skull mold I have (knowing how much you like skulls) but they are only 
about 2 inches high..... Did you check out Bucky's Bones?



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