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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 18:11:06 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Can Horrendous be Appealing and Efficient?

Caro wrote:
>When someone decides to build a puppet many choices in materials that could 
>be used are available. What matters most (in my opinion) is the effect over 
>the audience that that puppet is going to have, during the performance,

I completely agree with that part.
My motto is: whatever works.
I'd go for real or fake, depending on what the overall advantages are for a 
specific project.
Perhaps real bones may be much more brittle than their resin or plastic 
Then again, the reproductions aren't always as accurate or as complete as 
the real stuff (which I am aware might not be necessary for a Theatre use, 
but might be for a film in high definition).

But then you seem to go on trying to enforce your opinion that using real 
bones is bad, or, as you put it:
"bring absolutely nothing else to a show that the fake ones couldn't."

This is where I disagree. I used to close my mind like this about certain 
methods and materials, and I found out I was missing out on a lot of great 
solutions! I have a hard time imagining what went through my mind back when 
convinced myself leather masks were not a good idea. Now I know how wrong I 
was, and I try to keep an open mind, give each method a chance!

What if real bones are the only thing available, or the only thing that will 
work exactly for the specific project (in looks and finish and weight and 
budget)? What if one's show was about spirituality and environment, and the 
use of artificial reproductions would harm the intent (and the environment)?

Our ancestors all over the world, have used bones as tools, accessories, 
jewelry, sacred objects, performance objects. Only in recent History have 
bones been neglected, replaced by artificial materials.
To me, bones have as much value as art materials as wood, stone or metals. 
If used properly and their properties be taken into consideration.

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