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Subject: [Puptcrit] Inspiring Portrait Sculptor

Yet another proof that meeting people at puppet events can bring good 
inspirations, a writer and art critique recommended me to this Austrian 
sculptor: Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.

He made a lot of Bronze sculptures or people in extreme facial expressions, 
with some slight exagerations.
Very expressive!

The Artist's name yields a few good results in Google Images but there might 
be more in a regular web search.

Here are a few links:
(Vue means view, there are three extra pics below the main pic.)

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Subject: [Puptcrit] A feel-very-good moment

> Wow.
> In the midst of a near-death scream to deadlines, directing &
> designing two shows, building 17 puppets & wrestling vast technical
> challenges, we went to the quarterly meeting of SF Bay Area Puppetry
> Guild.  Took a three-hr workshop with Liebe Wetzel, the queen of Bay
> Area object puppetry - very simple, very clear, very useful - and
> then a potluck and an extended business meeting, extended because
> there was a VERY loud evangelical Easter service in the next room,
> and our Prez was vamping till it was done and the performances could
> start.
> And we performed.  Working as a duo for the past 34 years, but this
> was our very first time in front of puppeteers.  Our audiences have
> been quite varied, to say the least, from Sunday school teachers to
> convicted felons, vast masses of drunks to sweet, ethereal, naked
> people, and everything in between, but this one was scary, as all our
> puppet work has been for general audiences who just see anything with
> a puppet involved as neat & cool.  We've recently decided to devote
> our total focus to puppetry, and so there was the implicit fear in
> our minds:  are we just actors disguised as puppeteers?
> So, we did a 20-minute piece, FREEWAY, about a young couple who take
> a wrong turn onto a freeway and never, ever get off.  Kinda concerned
> because there were a few kids in the audience and it's definitely not
> The Three Little Pigs.  But they too laughed in the right places.
> Final upshot was that the response was very powerful, and they just
> kept on applauding.  Seems weird when you're 66, you've performed
> professionally for 38 years and with your mate for 47, and yet you
> feel as if you're stepping out on stage for the first time.  But
> that's what it was, and it worked.
> And followed by friends, Michael & Valerie Nelson, who've only been
> performing together for 30 years - ah these youngsters! - doing a
> truly comic/beautiful B'rer Rabbit adaptation, and the people who
> were a moment before taking in the death-throes of an elderly couple
> crawling across a Burger King parking lot were now rocking with
> laughter at the sweet, yearning, human dumbness of B'rer Bear.  It
> was all puppetry at its best, touching the human heart with every
> nimble finger.  May we all, every now and then, have full toke of
> that magic.
> Peace & joy-
> Conrad B.
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