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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 17:39:56 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Losing a BIG contract

You could try and protect your work by getting a copyright on the designs. I
don't know what the proceedure is in Canada,but it is fairly easy here in
the States. One easy way is to mail the designs to yourself in a registered
mail and leave the envelope sealed with the date marked by the postoffice. I
have copyrighted a few of my characters going through the Library of
Congress. Again, check with someone in Canada to see what you should do. But
do it before they have a chance to do it themselves.

On 3/25/08, <> wrote:
> Just a quick response of a recent experience I had - I worked for free
> designing a puppet for a small project, I even got a friend to help with
> drawings in
> a different style from mine with the intention that they might find
> something
> they liked.   This was done on spec, no contract, with the idea that I
> would
> build and perform with the puppet once we agreed on the design.
> Long story short - they didn't like any of the designs so went elsewhere.
> Frankly I was glad since the design process was starting to get
> ridiculous.   I
> remained positive, told them if they found a design elsewhere that they
> were
> happy with I could still build the puppet.   After many months (and them
> spending a lot of money on designs as well as getting bids from some of
> the big
> shops in LA) they came back to me.   I charged them more than I would have
> before
> and they were grateful for the price since I'm much cheaper than the big
> creature effects shops in town.   The final design is vastly different
> than my
> originals and very different than they originally thought they wanted.
> A win-win situation for all.   So you just never know how things will
> go...
> Working in Los Angeles is often trying - months can go by without work
> partly
> because there are so many people here doing the same thing, partly cuz the
> industry has changed drastically in the last decade.
> I just try to always have good relationships with anyone I work for, even
> if
> things don't go the way I want them to.   You just might hear from them
> again...
> - Christine Papalexis
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