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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:18:18 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Losing a BIG contract

>> Do not be surprised if in the future you see the work used,  this is done 
>> all
> the
> time. way of life
> Mark

Mark, you always know just what to say.
how d'you do it?

I *know* the world can be cruel. I learned it as a kid when I asked a 
stranger with a cute dog to hold my kite in the sky while I went to get my 
bicycle a short distance away. When I returned, not three minutes later, 
they were all gone, with the kite. With the cheap 5$ kite that I had paid 
with my own hard earned money, and patched up with tape so many times 
because I couldn't afford another! How could someone do something so mean? 
And for something so worthless to them?  It must have affected me more than 
I thought. I suddenly realise I only bought another kite, and when that one 
didn't fly, I never tried again. CURSE YOU MEAN DOG WALKER!!!

Note to self: buy a similar cheap kite and a used fishing pole. --> My dad 
had replaced the kite string with fishing line. The pole's reel enabled me 
to hold on fast and not cut myself. The lenght of the cut pole (cut shorter) 
added acrobatic capabilities to my simple delta shape plastic kite, a 
"Fantasma-Gordo", with an eagle printed on.
That kite could fly so high that you could barely see it! I could do 
loopings, near crashes and sudden pull-ups with that thing! Good times!

Now to find a suitable place for flying a kite...

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