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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:57:29 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Losing a BIG contract

> I would pay good money to see a movie of Mathieu joining the army :D

Surprisingly to most people who know me, I once was in the "cadets", a form 
of army for younger people, kind of like the boy scouts, but with all the 
army equipement, including the senseless insults and shouting.
As a bonus, the whole thing was a model of disorganisation. Couple that with 
weapons training, and it's a wonder no one's ever been shot...

Even more surprisinly, I was getting good at most of it and could have 
stayed on to a great future with them and then on to the real deal (it's 
really like an early endoctrination, no wonder the Army pays for it all). 
But I really wasn't much for the uncalled-for meanness, the corrupted 
hierarchy and the disorganisation (ex: winter survival field trips where you 
get stuck inside a school because no one bothered to check storm alerts 
beforehand, but they still perform a firedrill that night, forcing everyone 
out in their underwear at freezing temperatures, or a time when we drove two 
hours outside the city to a firing range, only to find out it had been 
cancelled, and they forgot to call some of us). I stayed until the end of 
the year because there was an interesting trip to the country's Capital. I 
really enjoyed that! And it went smoothly! We slept on an army base (what 
comfortable bunk beds they had! I still dream of those) and ate splendidly 
at breakfast (they had their own chef in the barracks). We visited various 
museums and really had a blast.

Goodness! Who turned on my Verbose mode without telling me?

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