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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 08:45:02 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Ronnie Burkett's new show

Just a note about Ronnie Burkett. I don't get out to see nearly  
enough puppet theater, and there are many great artists out there.  
But for my money, I would say that Ronnie Burkett is the greatest  
artist of Puppet Theater of which I know. Not only is he an  
extraordinary designer and builder of marionettes, painter and  
sculptor etc. , he is also an amazing performer, voicing all the  
characters live (without a mic) performing all the marionettes, while  
acting as the narrator himself, playing a role.

All this is amazing, and would put him up there in my short list of  
puppet greats, but the thing that puts him over the top is his  
writing. His plays are so beautiful, moving, funny, inspirational.  
They are all published, as well they should be. If you have not seen  
him perform, it is still worth reading the play, as he does not keep  
them in repertory. I think all puppeteers owe it to themselves to  
read Tinka's New Dress.

Last year I flew from California up to Canada to see his last show  
Ten Days on Earth. Time and Money well spent. While I was there, he  
showed me the sketches for Billy Twinkle. When that show is ready, I  
will be going back.

Greg Ballora

On Mar 26, 2008, at 1:27 PM, Mathieu René wrote:

> I just read the description for Billy Twinkle.
> Wow, it promises to be very interesting, and the topic is such a  
> reccuring one for people in our field of work, isn't it?
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