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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 12:35:15 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] puptcrit Digest, Vol 41, Issue 51

I was just looking at the site for The Citadel in Edmonton and they
announced their 2008/09 season yesterday. Billy Twinkle is playing at the
Citadel in Edmonton Oct. 18-Nov. 9 at the Rice Theatre (it's a nice venue, I
worked on the Canadian tour of a show that played there in `99).

The show debuts in June, but I am not sure in which city.

- Andrew

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> Just a note about Ronnie Burkett. I don't get out to see nearly
> enough puppet theater, and there are many great artists out there.
> But for my money, I would say that Ronnie Burkett is the greatest
> artist of Puppet Theater of which I know. Not only is he an
> extraordinary designer and builder of marionettes, painter and
> sculptor etc. , he is also an amazing performer, voicing all the
> characters live (without a mic) performing all the marionettes, while
> acting as the narrator himself, playing a role.
> All this is amazing, and would put him up there in my short list of
> puppet greats, but the thing that puts him over the top is his
> writing. His plays are so beautiful, moving, funny, inspirational.
> They are all published, as well they should be. If you have not seen
> him perform, it is still worth reading the play, as he does not keep
> them in repertory. I think all puppeteers owe it to themselves to
> read Tinka's New Dress.
> Last year I flew from California up to Canada to see his last show
> Ten Days on Earth. Time and Money well spent. While I was there, he
> showed me the sketches for Billy Twinkle. When that show is ready, I
> will be going back.
> Greg Ballora
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