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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 03:04:26 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] CBC Sketch

Hello Andrew and others,

I guess that is what set me off about it, yet again. It seemed that  
Mike and the other puppeteer (whom I will not name here, although I am  
sure a little research would uncover it) were taking some flak for it  
that should, as you say, have been directed at the CBC. But let us  
move on to other matters!

Take care,

Jamie Ashby

BA, MA, PhD Candidate, Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University  
of Toronto: "Ideas in Motion: New Work Development at Puppetmongers  
Theatre Company"
Cofounder and Co-Artistic Director, PuppUTopiate, the only puppet  
theatre company based at the University of Toronto
Member-at-Large, Ontario Puppetry Association Board of Trustees
On 27-Mar-08, at 12:28 PM, Andrew wrote:

> I should have added to that blog post that while don't really know  
> Mike, I
> met him a couple times years ago and he's a very nice, very talented  
> guy (I
> don't know who the other puppeteers were). I think the CBC is at  
> fault on
> this one, not the puppeteers, who were probably totally unaware of  
> the Homme
> family's issue or the fact that CBC didn't own the characters.
> It's interesting that Saturday Night Live will have the actual  
> Muppets on as
> guests, but if they do a sketch that mocks them they get their prop/ 
> wardrobe
> people to make puppets or costumes that obviously resemble the  
> characters,
> but aren't exact copies. I have no inside knowledge of how those  
> decisions
> get made, but presumably it's to make it clear they are doing a  
> parody and
> not attempting to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.
> Smart lawyers those SNL folks must have. Smarter than whoever raided  
> the CBC
> Museum to do that award show sketch anyway.
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>> From: Jamie Ashby <>
>> Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] CBC Sketch
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>> Dear Andrew and others,
>> You have clearly thought upon this much more deeply than I have. I
>> found your article on the subject particularly interesting. I
>> originally wrote out of emotion, as Mike Harding is a good friend of
>> mine, and I applaud your well-reasoned analysis of the "incident."
>> Best,
>> Jamie Ashby
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