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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 11:12:08 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Paper Mache Strenght Test

Sorry........I got into these emails late.........what type of paper
again was used in the test Mathieu did?


I vaguely mentionned thin Kraft paper,
but to be more complete, the monkey head has about two layers of white 
office paper, and both pieces have coffee filters as finishing layers. The 
Office paper is often used to help count layers, but I like it less, as it 
is weaker and has a different texture, so I use it less now.

The monkey was an unfinished head without enough layers for my personal 
criterias, but I still added a finishing layer (of coffee filters) because I 
used the monkey as a demo piece in one of my paper mache workshops.

The only glue I used for those is regular white glue (pva), diluted enough 
to increase flow and prevent it from sticking to my brush and fingers.

Rubbing each finished layer with a smooth metal tool also helps add strenght 
and integrity to the piece, because it makes it more compact and eliminates 
air pockets between layers.

My average amount of layers for the kraft paper heads and mask used to be 6 
to 8.
Now I'll increase to maybe 10 to 12, just because I'm crazy about 
unnecessary extra strenght.
Always give them more!

It is extremely easy and quick to do paper mache strips the way I do them, 
but it's a system of various techniques I developped from many sources, 
adding my own touch. On the same piece, I may apply 5 types of paper mache 
strips (structure, extra volume, detail, texture, finishing).

I can explain until my fingers burn from all the typing, but it's only 
obvious when I show people, step by step.
Should some of you be interested, I can offer an online workshop. It would 
be great to have a few Puptcritters working together across frontiers, and 
then share the results with the rest of the mailing list.

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