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I got it all over my hands and various other parts when using it.  It peeled
off skin almost like rubber glue, but it didn't  peel off any of the work
surfaces on which I used it.  (Think double strength Elmer's glue except
that it is more durable resisting water than Elmer's.  It stretches when it
is thinned down.  It does usually come ina powder though.  (Elvanol, at

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Thanks for the tip, Steve.
If indeed it "may be an irritant", I'm not even going to try it. My hands 
always get covered in glue when I work.

The only real irritant to my skin that I can't stop using is plaster, 
because it's what I sue for moldmaking. It still does the job as well as 
needed, for cheap. I'll move on to silicones eventually, but it still will 
require almost as much plaster. Unless I move to medical grade plaster 
bandages, which have nearly nothing in common with the cheap stuff sold in 
craft stores. 2 or 3 layers of medical grade makes a strong shell, while 6 
of regular craft variety don't even get close, and are brittle.

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