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Dear Joe,
I forwarded your comment to Clive Chandler who attended to the descriptions.
I have not seen the figures but gather that most are turning-nodders.
Here is what Clive said: "I am sorry that the descriptions do not include
more detail on the head mechanisms.  Clearly the circumstances of this
auction mean that we have only limited access to the figures in question,
and limited time to create descriptions.  In most cases the head controls
include rotational and up and down movement on one thumb control. I am
pretty sure this is the case with lot 72.  John Blundall who made the
figures has said that he will be more than happy to answer any questions,
although we should advise that many of these were made some time ago and
John is not currently in physical contact with the figures. "

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I am interested in purchasing puppets as examples for students.  But, 
I am not clear about what type of mechanism goes to the heads.   I am 
specifically looking for something like a tilt-nod mechanism. But, 
when the description says "Rod to the head including mechanism for 
movement," I am unclear.

For example, lot 72 has two figures with head movement;
Is this tilt-and-nod type mechanism?

Joe Dunfee
Gordonville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

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