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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 10:55:21 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Accessibility

Jim, Caro,

While using accessible materials for workshops is very important, the  
"recognizability" of material in a puppet that one uses in a  
professional performance can be effective or not effective, depending  
upon the type of performance.

I once made a large mask (5' high) for "Pierre Pathelin" at UConn. The  
concept for the entire show was to use "rags".  In order to unify the  
various puppets and performing objects everything was covered in  
fabric pieces, including the giant mask.

The EYES, however, needed to stand out (of course!), so I used a  
different sort of thing for them.
Frank Ballard, the professor at the time, took a look at the mask and  
couldn't figure out what the eyes were made of. With all his expertise  
and knowledge! I was very surprised.

There happened to be an eight year old present at the time, who was  
able to identify them without any problem.
They were bottoms of plastic ginger ale bottles.

For some productions, I enjoy mystifying the audience with how a  
puppet is made. I think it adds to the magic. For others, it's great  
to show that "anybody can try this -- ".

Anyone can TRY it, but it takes a lot of practice!


On Mar 2, 2008, at 6:24 PM, Jim Menke wrote:

> I've seen some shows that were wonderful with some not so great  
> puppets. My
> feeling that puppets are made to perform not be things to be put on  
> exhibit.
> Yes, beautiful puppets are great, but it is the performance that  
> counts.
> On 3/2/08, Caro Stewart <> wrote:
>> Rolande wrote:
>> "However, a puppet's proof is in the performance, not in its material
>> sculpture."
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>> Hi, Rolande. I entirely agree...
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