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Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 23:15:32 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] War story

On Oct 8, 2008, at 1:07 PM, Puppet People wrote:

>     We were performing in Conn. a few years back and was approached by 
> this
> company that was trying to make a website showcasing all the local 
> libraries

This is fairly common. Here's my Library video war story:

I was performing in a library system that I had been doing for a number 
of years. They liked my work, invited me back, and even recommended me 
to others. I got to the main branch to do my show one year, and they 
told me that they had a videographer there working on a video to 
promote their branches, etc.. Would it be okay if they shot some of the 
show and some audience reactions? I said "Sure, as long as it is a 
limited amount and isn't intrusive. And I want to get a copy." Have you 
ever had a videographer shoot over your shoulder while you are doing 
your show? I mean come right up on the stage, in the middle of the 
show, to get shots? We're not talking about doing a video shoot where 
you're doing sections, and several takes, stop and go, and it's all 
done for video. I'm talking a live show and the guy comes up and gets 
in the scene to shoot me, the puppets, and the audience at various 
times. A bit distracting to say the very least, and oh, how it enhanced 
the tender moments in the show (NOT!).
Needless to say I complained to the staff of the library. I did get a 
copy of the video that was shot at my show (which really wasn't that 
good) but I haven't been asked back to that library system since. The 
only thing I can figure is that they didn't like that I complained 
about the video guy in my show.

I have, on occasion, supplied libraries with video highlights of an 
upcoming show that they played on their in house screens. That seemed 
to work well. Never checked to see if it was also on their web site, 
but since it was only highlights and had my company name on it, that 
wouldn't have been bad.


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