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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 21:33:04 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Plaster Bandages


The mask prototype has served its purpose well.
It broke before it became an issue (showing it to the customer tomorrow 

It did not even withstand a second bicycle ride in the basket! (padded the 
bottom of basket with a sweater)
Yikes! I'm used to super strong masks, this one is super weak!
Part of one side collapsed, like a wobbly flap, held only by the cheescloth 
part of the plaster bandage.
At three layers, it felt strong this morning, but of course I wasn't going 
to test it in my usual way (throw against a wall). Maybe I should have!

Now I just finished repairing it with more plaster bandages, and also added 
another roll (3 inches wide by 3 yards long) of bandage over the mask, to 
prevent futther flimsyness. It's a much heavier mask than I'm used to, but 
hey, again, it's a cheap budget, and there's no need for durability. I have 
to remind myself all the time to prevent myself from overdoing it, as I hate 
this kind of compromise!

Even when fully cured and at 4 layers of thickness, cutting into the plaster 
bandages makes the object very brittle at the edges. Thankfully, I'm adding 
the Monster Bone finish atop it (joint compound and white glue, though I'll 
probably use Weldbond as a glue for extra grabbing this time). It will  add 
smoothness while strenghtening the whole mask. Mayb'e I'll go crazy and seal 
it prior to adding the finish (diluted Weldbond, making it penetrate within 
the material)

I'll recommend to my "boss" that I should add two layer of paper on each 
side of the final masks, prior to smoothing, to prevent such stupid 

Definitely, were it my project, I'd go for the paper mache strips, not a 
hint of plaster ( no time for experiments on this one). It's not that much 
longer to prepare, considering the waiting time and problemsolving that 
plaster bandages bring.

I can paper mache a full face mask for two hours in the evening, and have it 
dry by morning, just by placing it in front of a fan.

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