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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 23:13:25 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Plaster Bandages: update

Second update (full-face bird mask made of 4 layers of plaster bandages, 
medical grade. 3 layers was too weak, some damage occured during transport 
under normal, non violent conditions).

After adding a few coatings of the Monster Bone finish(joint compound+glue), 
the mask is now smooth, but according to my criterias, nearly unwearable, 
because it is too heavy.
Even with a top strap linked to the regular strap, the weight is too much, 
it presses on the temples and forehead, quite uncomfortable, liable to cause 
headaches. The weight being mostly forward of the face (long bird beak) 
would probably cause some strain on the neck for longer performing periods, 
which is the case with video shooting days.

Definitely, the all-plaster bandages approach is to be avoided for 
At least for anything remotely wearable.
Even considering the evaporation of leftover moisture in the plaster and 
finish, I'm sure it won't be significant enough to make it comfortable. My 
boss will add feathers and paint, extra weight will be added!

Thankfully, it's just a protoype, it looks very good, and will give a good 
idea to the customer of what is possible. I'll provide a finished mask of 
some other model in paper mache, so that my boss can prove how strong and 
lightweight the final masks will be if we go with paper mache.
Which I can do very fast and have dry in the morning.

I should have been more insistant at the begginning about using just my 
usual paper mache strips.
I fell in the seductive trap of wanting faster results. It ended up taking 
more time than paper mache would have. The time spent on the plaster 
prototype would have allowed me to make two in paper mache strips.
Two very strong and super lightweight final masks, not prototypes.

Lesson learned.
Gotta catch some Zeees...


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