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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 09:10:15 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Puptcrit] PUNCH puppet slam [NYC]

Drama of Works and Galapagos Art Space present=85


SATURDAY, October 18th, 8:00 PM, $7.00

At the NEW Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street
DUMBO, Brooklyn  

PUNCH, New York=92s longest-running puppetry slam, is back for another month in the all new Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO. Curated by Gretchen Van Lente of Drama of Works, this month features PUNCH! VIRGINS! Watch as complete newbies to the PUNCH scene try in vain not to completely humiliate themselves in front of the drunken crowds:
=95 PATRYK WILINSKI =96 a puppeteer originally from Poland - has been bugging Gretchen to perform at PUNCH for a while now and here is his chance. =93It=92s not easy being ugly=85=94 or so says the tagline for =93UGLY BAD=94 =96 Patryk=92s piece inspired by Hans Christian Andersen=92s =93Ugly Duckling=94. It combines comedy, puppets, naive visual elements, slammin=92 music and a hardcore story line. Bring it on!

=95 ALEJANDRO ARBONA approached Gretchen after the last PUNCH and said, =93Can I perform in the next PUNCH?=94 and she said, =93Why of course!=94 Alejandro is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has more or less spent his entire life anthropomorphizing the inanimate. In our act, Alejandro and Dinsdale have trouble getting along=85

=95 MICHAEL ZIEGFELD=92s 17-year comedy career includes opening for James Brown, Joan Rivers and Wynonna Judd; headlining his stand-up ventriloquist act from Las Vegas to NYC, Chicago to Hollywood and on stages in over 13 countries. He has appeared on =93The Tonight Show=94 and has puppeteered for TV Funhouse, The Muppets and more! We are so happy to deflower him this month! 

=95 AMANDA MADDOCK is not a =93PUNCH Virgin=94 =96 but she'll be bringing us a new amazing short puppet piece - she said something about Bjork and neurons - I LOVE IT!!! 

=95 SCOTT WEBER is not a =93PUNCH Virgin=94 =96 in fact he was taking people=92s money at the door in the old space. Scott will whip out his overhead projector puppetry version of the Pink Floyd tune =93Remember a Day.=94 Ethereal, dream-like and meditative, the piece will take you on a magical journey. (Smoke =91em if you got =91em.) Scott is a regular performer with Drama of Works, and "Die Hard: The Puppet Musical." Scott teaches high school biology when he is not performing.

=95 DRAMA OF WORKS not only curates PUNCH, but usually tries to whip out a piece or two from time to time. This month they will bring out there take on David Ives=92 classic one act play =93Words, Words, Words=94 =96 witness three small monkeys try and write Hamlet all the while plotting revenge on the evil scientists who have locked them up in their cages. 
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