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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 21:49:02 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Mathieu in New-York?

Hi Mathieu

I am currently living in Connecticut and commuting into New York for
work every day. But will be moving to New York in two weeks.  I will
be packing my stuff up the weekend you are visiting, so I won't be
able to host you or show you around THIS time, but please come back
soon and  I will definitely do so!

I just moved out here a month ago from L.A. to get my state residency
in Connecticut so that I could attend the masters program in Puppetry
at University of Connecticut. I got accepted to the program in January
of this year, and have been working all year on getting here to start
it. Well, something awfully lucky happened, I arrived here on this
coast, and interviewed at Henson the next day...and got a job there!
Hired at Henson.  Unbelievable.

Well, that made the whole masters in puppetry thing seem sort of
pointless, so I am moving to Brooklyn in two weeks (I have already
found the apartment).  I'm so sorry it won't be ready for a visitor!

Maybe if you consider putting off your trip for a few weeks it would
be more fun.  At Henson we are currently working on making a stage
play of Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, and it will start running
the first week of December through the first week of January. I would
love to have someone to go see it with me.

I am also considering going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade,
which I have never seen in person. I would also like company to attend

If you come to NY on Halloween, there is a huge annual event that
happens in Greenwich Village, the Halloween Parade.  I have never been
to it, but I hear it is the event of the year, and have been hearing
about it for 20 years. Unfortunately I can't go because I will be
working, and then moving the next day.

If you should decide that you are coming down to NY next weekend, I
will ask the folks at Henson if there are any puppet happenings that
weekend. They would be sure to know.

Other than that, keep in touch,  I am a willing tour guide and have no
friends here yet (except my workmates), and would love to share New
York with someone. I have a big comfortable couch, and you can trust
me. :)  All I ask for in return is puppetbuilding advice and
camaraderie in puppetry.


On 10/17/08, Mathieu René <> wrote:
> Hi all.
>  For my upcoming birthday, I'm seriously considering going to New York City
>  next week-end (24th to 26th or just two days), and I'm wondering:
>  - who (Puptcritters, colleagues in puppetmaking and maskmaking) I
>  could/should/must meet,
>  - things to do/see (shows, museums, puppet store, artist studio, bookstore,
>  indoor Garden, magical doorways to another world),
>  -A good early Halloween party to go to (a guy can dream, right?),
>  - possibilities of being hosted for free/cheap/labor/trade for two nights?
>  How about a pro puppet or a mask (in my inventory or a near-future order) in
>  exchange for two nights maybe?  I'd get my own food, and can bring a
>  sleeping bag if needed.
>  -The one thing I know I want to see for sure is Central Park, but what
>  specifically should I see in it?.
>  Any pointers would be much appreciated.
>  Let's meet, all ye New-York Puptcritter citizens or travelers!
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