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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 07:35:01 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Mathieu in New-York?

On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 11:49 PM, Mathieu René <>wrote:

> Thanks all, for all the tips!
> I'm making a few lists, to be prepared to see and experience as much good
> stuff as possible in the three days I'll be there.
> I'm still open for suggestions.
> I'm not the kind to go straight for tourist traps.  There are exceptions of
> course. While the Empire State building doesn't appeal to me, I still think
> seeing the cityscape from the statue of Liberty would be cool (on another
> trip). I'd rather go for the reccomended stuff, and if it's off the beaten
> path, as I know a lot of treasures are, then all the better!
> Of course, I'll also do a bit of exploring, in between "scheduled
> activities".
> I'd like to know more about the Discount box office in Times Square, like
> Bruce suggested.
> How does it work, does it cover a lot of shows, and how much can you really
> save?
> Is there something else interesting to experience in Times Square?
> Somehow, my "living through movies" hasn't brought much light about that
> place, except for the usual new Years Eve ball dropping ceremony.
> Is there something to see on Broadway itself, even if I don't get to see a
> show?
> So far, my "MUST DO" list is:
> -Great Small Work's spaghetti Dinner
> -Meet up with Hobey Ford and as many collegues as possible
> -See the Hunchback, by Redmoon theatre
> -Visit Central Park, see the fairy tale statues
> -Get a real New York hot dog from a vendor, or at Nathan's Famous
> My "would be fun if possible" list:
> -See a marionette show at the Swedish Cottage
> -Visit with other puppet companies, see studios, talk shop.
> -Visit a real cool old shop of curiosity, where I could buy something
> special to bring back as an inspiring souvenir (know of any???)
> -Find the perfect watch for me (looks appropriate, costs cheap). I've seen
> one, but I was too hesitant to get it (my watch was still working then, so
> why get a second one?), back in May, while in Tarrytown for a few hours. It
> was a simple pocket watch, without any design on it, in an old copper
> finish. Brand new, but looked antique. It was only $15! Any idea where I
> could get one of those? I can't find any in Montreal, but New-York might
> have one.
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