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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 07:51:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Mathieu in New-York?

Just south of Times square a few blocks is the garment district where I
often go too Fabric and notion shops to find hard to get stuff.    There is
a bead district is near there to.  Just North of Times square on 48th St is
the music store street if you play music this is fun.  SOHO has an awesome
fake fur store called Big Four on Broadway. Canal Street Plastic has a
plastics shop where you can get all kinds of material for eye balls etc.
Puppet Kitchen is near there and they have given me great advice on the best
prices on puppet making material.  And that pet shop animatronics gallery
installation is near there too. China town is right near there as well and
is pretty interesting.  My daughter has been tellikng me about student rush
tickets(you don't have to be a student) she has gotten tickets on Bdway as
cheap as $20-30 right before the show begins.  Last time I checked the Times
Square two-fer ticket booth was under construction, but perhaps it has a
temporary box office.   When is Hunchback?
On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 7:35 AM, Hobey Ford <> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 11:49 PM, Mathieu René <>wrote:
>> Thanks all, for all the tips!
>> I'm making a few lists, to be prepared to see and experience as much good
>> stuff as possible in the three days I'll be there.
>> I'm still open for suggestions.
>> I'm not the kind to go straight for tourist traps.  There are exceptions
>> of
>> course. While the Empire State building doesn't appeal to me, I still
>> think
>> seeing the cityscape from the statue of Liberty would be cool (on another
>> trip). I'd rather go for the reccomended stuff, and if it's off the beaten
>> path, as I know a lot of treasures are, then all the better!
>> Of course, I'll also do a bit of exploring, in between "scheduled
>> activities".
>> I'd like to know more about the Discount box office in Times Square, like
>> Bruce suggested.
>> How does it work, does it cover a lot of shows, and how much can you
>> really
>> save?
>> Is there something else interesting to experience in Times Square?
>> Somehow, my "living through movies" hasn't brought much light about that
>> place, except for the usual new Years Eve ball dropping ceremony.
>> Is there something to see on Broadway itself, even if I don't get to see a
>> show?
>> So far, my "MUST DO" list is:
>> -Great Small Work's spaghetti Dinner
>> -Meet up with Hobey Ford and as many collegues as possible
>> -See the Hunchback, by Redmoon theatre
>> -Visit Central Park, see the fairy tale statues
>> -Get a real New York hot dog from a vendor, or at Nathan's Famous
>> My "would be fun if possible" list:
>> -See a marionette show at the Swedish Cottage
>> -Visit with other puppet companies, see studios, talk shop.
>> -Visit a real cool old shop of curiosity, where I could buy something
>> special to bring back as an inspiring souvenir (know of any???)
>> -Find the perfect watch for me (looks appropriate, costs cheap). I've seen
>> one, but I was too hesitant to get it (my watch was still working then, so
>> why get a second one?), back in May, while in Tarrytown for a few hours.
>> It
>> was a simple pocket watch, without any design on it, in an old copper
>> finish. Brand new, but looked antique. It was only $15! Any idea where I
>> could get one of those? I can't find any in Montreal, but New-York might
>> have one.
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