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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 21:10:19 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] NBC "HEROES" features evil puppeteer tonight on U.S.

Ho No Conrad, you're being tempted!
Fight it brother, fight it with all your might!

Or at least, don't become too evil...or too good at being evil.
After all, Good, evil, nowadays it's hard to judge what is and what 
isn't,especially in day-to day stuff.
It depends on who's doing the judging, and under who's criterias.

A lot of what had been judged evil in the past, has now been embraced as 
natural and good, and the judges of the past have been judged as biggots, 
ignorants and tyrants.

Whatever the definition, I still believe in Good and Evil, in their true 
If you have ever met someone really evil, you understand. No excuse like 
"they are misled, ignorant, or being manipulated". Some of them are very 
aware of their actions and motives, and take great pleasure in causing pain, 
despair, and destruction.

Can you Imagine the Power of Puppetry at the service of Evil?

But then again, if Puppetry was put at maximum strenght, in the service of 
Good, can you imagine the amount of good it would do?

At the moment, since our Art is still so "in the fringe", not all its 
potential has been witnessed by the masses.
But every little step counts!
Kudos to all who enlighten, teach, and entertain with Puppetry, step by 
I think the world needs it.

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