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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 17:44:01 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] NBC "HEROES" features evil puppeteer tonight on U.S.

>Ho No Conrad, you're being tempted!
>Fight it brother, fight it with all your might!
>Or at least, don't become too evil...or too good at being evil.
>After all, Good, evil, nowadays it's hard to judge what is and what
>isn't,especially in day-to day stuff.

	Not to worry.  I once told someone I'd been saved from 
mediocrity by a lack of talent for it.  Ditto evil.

>Whatever the definition, I still believe in Good and Evil, in their true
>forms.  If you have ever met someone really evil, you understand. No 
>excuse like
>"they are misled, ignorant, or being manipulated". Some of them are very
>aware of their actions and motives, and take great pleasure in causing pain,
>despair, and destruction.

	Well, as a rather vengeful human by temperament if not by 
action, I sorta agree.  As a playwright I'm still looking for the 
sources of that nature, because I don't feel babies pop out with the 
mark of Cain stamped on'em.  That's in no way to excuse the vileness, 
only to seek its sources.

>But then again, if Puppetry was put at maximum strenght, in the service of
>Good, can you imagine the amount of good it would do?  At the 
>moment, since our Art is still so "in the fringe", not all its 
>potential has been witnessed by the masses.
>But every little step counts!  Kudos to all who enlighten, teach, 
>and entertain with Puppetry, step by
>step.  I think the world needs it.

	Agreed totally.  I remember about 50+ years ago, as a college 
undergraduate, reading a book by the designer Robert Edmund Jones, 
which was a bit too florid and hyper-inspirational for my taste.  But 
I still remember:  At the end of a chapter where he was vehemently 
preaching the sacred power of theatre to uplift and inspire and save 
humanity, he then said something to the effect of ... So does that 
mean that when you're at the top of an extension ladder, focusing 
lights and selecting gel and yelling at your lighting crew and 
pushing against the deadline for tech rehearsal to start, are you 
actually supposed to be thinking about the sacred mission of 
theatre???  And his answer to his own rhetorical question:  Yes.

	An absurdly romantic notion.  But though I haven't always 
been faithful to it, the essence of it stuck with me.  Even when 
lugging heavy cases into a gig at 8 a.m.  I don't think you can work 
in any form of theatre without to some extent - even if you'd 
vehemently deny it - subscribing to just a bit of that blessed 

Peace & joy-
Conrad B.
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