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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 22:09:33 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet Design Collaboration

Hi all.
Maybe it's the fast approaching NY trip that inspires me to start new 

But I've been meaning to do the following for a while. So here goes:

Puppet Design Collaboration
I seek opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, in order to create 
puppets we wouldn't have done, or wouldn't exactly have come up with, on our 
own. To this end (or rather beginning), I'd like to team up with someone, or 
some ones, so that we could each make a puppet from the other's design. This 
would be an opportunity to get extra motivation (always easier to be 
motivated when it's for others), extra inspiration, and unusual results, if 
both parties give it their best.

This, not being for a paying customer, allows us to create puppets we truly 
want to!
The puppets would either stay with their respective fabricator, or be 
swapped, depending on the individual agreements. Variations are up to the 
participants. Lots to learn from this experience, I'm sure!

Why don't more people do such a swap, so we can share the results and 
multiply the positive effects?

I'll be rather booked for the next month (still working on a short puppet 
film) , but there's no stopping me from at least doing a few designs.  I 
like to design directly in clay (and send photos), but drawing is another 
option I enjoy.

Building can start in December.  There's no reason this has to be a rush, 
but a deadline should definitely be set, to help keep things going.

Who's up for it?

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