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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:05:37 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] NBC "HEROES" features evil puppeteer tonight on U.S.

>All this talk about good and evil... the stuff of ourselves...... and our
>others within.Conrad, did you ever see the Faust film of mine?
>If you did, tell me your thoughts, if you have some, about it.
>If not, I'll send you a copy.
>Steven Ritz-Barr (I met you in DC on that long busride)

Dear Steven-

	Yes, I did, in fact I bought the dvd at the festival and 
showed it to our ensemble when I got home.  People really liked it, 
as did I.  Several people were a bit confused in the midsection 
- don't quite remember where - about what exactly was happening, but 
I thought it was clear.  You use the very primitive style with great 
sophistication, and it suits it perfectly.  Very moving at the end. 
I hope you're following through with plans to film the other great 
books of the Western World - really looking forward to your next 

	For the info of all Listcritters:  The bus ride Steven was 
referring to was a crisis segment of the Mid-Atlantic festival, 
wherein buses carrying us all back from a field trip got totally lost 
& in heavy traffic, taking about an hour and a half for a 
ninety-minute trip, with us all a-feared we'd miss dinner.  But we 
survived, and it allowed some long, memorable conversation.  Steven, 
maybe you can use that ride as a psychological/subtextual reference 
for Ahab's journey when you film Moby Dick.

Peace & joy-
Conrad B.
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