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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 22:48:45 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Stephen Mottram's The Seas of Organillo

Hi all.
I am still floating on a sea of bewilderment and enchantment, coming 
straight from a showing of Stephen Mottram's The Seas of Organillo, here in 

I have never seen anything like it, and I doubt I ever will, except from the 
same creator of course.

>From the first light preparing the first puppet appearance, I was captured.
Such visual poetry requires no words, and there were none.
I hesitate to describe the show, as there are so many surprises it would be 
a disservice.
So I'll just comment on one thing: a pair of wooden hands that have minimal 
articulations, yet seem perfectly human, perfectly real, except that they 
are not attached to a body. Even after the show when he showed one to us, 
they still looked amazing in regular lights, even compared to his own hands.

Mottram's steadyness with marionettes is amazing.

A highly skilled artist-craftsman-technician combined with a highly skilled 

Mottram uses low tech to create high art, bringing simple efficient 
solutions to tall order technical problems.
In this show he uses marionettes, motors, automata, shadows, lenses, 
illusions, fantastic multi-layered out-of-this-world music, and impressively 
controlled lighting. Some would get lost in such a toybox of possibilities. 
Yet nothing here is gratuitous, everything serves the creation to perfect 

Even his set is impressive, built for great reveals and exits, to hide the 
puppeteer's body (except for his head and hands) and also to work with czech 
black techniques when needed.

I'm mind boggled.
I drove my bicycle to get to and from the show, in the bitter cold, against 
the wind.
The getting there was painful and almost desperate. The going home part was 
easy and quick, despite it being even colder, my body was feeeling it, but 
it didn't matter, because my heart and mind were inhabited and warmed by a 
puppet show that shall inspire me for the rest of my days.

If you can't travel to the show, make your contacts work to bring the show 
closer to you!
I believe he's only been in the USA once (west coast, if my source was 
He doesn't have a website, but we should find a lot of info online about his 

The show is in its second version. It was reworked and relaunched in 2004.
Has anybody else seen it?

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