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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:54:08 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Storytellers getting paid

> Having recommended these, I also should say there is a lot that Zipes 
> argues
> that I don't agree with -- one of his big beefs is the idea that there is
> somewhere a cadre of professional storytellers who are making enormous
> profits telling stories and thus degrading the purity of the form.  I know
> many storytellers and have yet to meet any who are rich.  I also believe 
> it
> is important for children to see artists who are able to make a living 
> doing
> art -- without this critical piece, they too often get the message that it
> is not possible, and therefore give up and become office drones.
> Without the belief in the possibility, none of us would be doing what we 
> are
> doing!
> -- 
> Chris Griffith

I too, met storytellers (and built puppets for two of them), and none of 
them were rich.
Wether you get paid or not does not affect the Artform, your skills and 
delivery do.
I believe every work should be faily compensated, and sadly, the performing 
Arts have been greatly discriminated against in this aspect.

However, one storyteller I built puppets for makes a decent living by 
storyteling in schools. She has a few schools where she goes once a week, 
and every visit of about 2 hours earns her 300$.
She has just a few books and an occasional puppet to carry around. She uses 
the puppet to enhance or introduce the storytelling by a quick appearance, 
but she does not make a full show with it.

You gotta admit, that's pretty good money! Especially since she has a few 
schools, so she earns her living doing this exclusively.

Makes me want to start storytelling, but with puppets, probably miniature 

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