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Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2008 14:50:01 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Topo Gigio - a bit of uncorroborated info.

I heard or read that the figure was operated by 4 puppeteers.
It looked to me that there were fingers in the body parts, but do not  
Anyone else?
He was so cute, ... OH Eddie
... I have a concept for a Puppetry Hall of Fame, although eventually  
I envision it as a digital perhaps virtual tour through a virtual  
museum, where we could see photos and when available, video and  
eventually an interactive 3D Hologram, of characters, and puppeteers,  
I of course would want to start with the most well known entities, but  
would also love to see it expand into a catalogue of all the worlds  
puppeteers on any and all levels. images with character descriptions,  
appearances, creators, a Digital World Puppet Central. At the moment I  
could not begin to know where to begin. Maybe with a Cray computer?
BUT you heard it here first ... I think, and someday I'd like to know  
that All of our own names are in The Puppetry Hall of Fame.
I BORROWED the tune of "Celluloid Heroes ' by" the Kinks" A wonderful  
nostalgic song, and have been doing a song I ADAPTED for the National  
Day of Puppetry in NYC for the last few years, Where future Hall  
Member " Benjamin Small " a child marionette and signature character  
of our Dreamlike Puppet Co. who has been 10 yrs. old for 37 yrs. so  
far, sings that
We could see all the stars as we walk through the Puppetry Hall of Fame
Some that we recognize, some that we never even heard of,
Puppets who worked and suffered and struggled for fame
Some we remember and some who suffered in vain...
at the end it goes, " And let's not forget the people who worked all  
those years,
The ones who made it all happen .................The Puppeteers.
Why go into all this?
Well Chin up as in Alan Cool I mean Alan Cook's message in this very  
disturbing Political climate, and look to your imaginations for  
answers as we always have as in Mathieu Ren's  words, And do not  
despair as Bob Nathanson, a sometimes for profit colleague may, one of  
the most positive men I know, during these Tragic Economic Times Hi  
Elise and Think Big from Pole to Pole . For the Future of Puppetry is  
OOOOOh Yeah,  ...  We would be able to go and see Topo Gigio in the  
Puppetry Hall of Fame. ... Thats all folks
Artie Poore

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