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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 12:01:26 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Topo Gigio Patent

Hi thanks for all of the info that you have been sending.

Here is a link to topo's patent online.

Also here is a link to my favorite topo performance on youtube:

As for the eye mech.  I think it should work just fine.
The bar that runs down the center of the eyes is just a pivot point wich 
allows the eyes to pivot on axis.
The J-shaped component is simply the support for the eye bar.  The rest of 
the components are linkages to push and rotate the eyes up and down.
I think it is probably a bit simplified... It looks a bit wobbly to me so I 
am pretty sure they would have made it a bit sturdier for the actual puppet.

It looks like the lids are painted on so that looking down doubles as a 

I wasn't expecting to find so much interest in Topo.  I'll post my progress 
on the topo puppet as I get to key stages.  Right now I did a rough sculpt, 
but I decided to grow the eye size a little bit so I need to machine eye 
balls from scratch.  I am using .625" ball bearings for eyes, but I need 
something a bit bigger for the sculpture.  This way I can have a tini gap 
between the real eyes and the sculpt so that when the eyes move they don't 
rub against the face.

It might be a few days before I can start the actual sculpture of the head.

Thanks again for all the info.

David Covarrubias
Animatronic Effects Designer 

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