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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 04:02:31 GMT
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I just saw a movie about Lee Atwater, whose cynical political manipulations via slander and racism brought us both Bushes---without him things would be much better. The movie is THE BOOGIE MAN and it probably won't be seen enough.

Karma was at work in his life---he died of a brain tumour. He poisoned voters minds, persuaded them through emotion to vote against their own interests, manipulating peoples religious and patriotic values. (Remember the Willie Horton ads during the Dukakis campaign?) If that is not evil, then what is?

As one of his buddies put it, he was Machavellian in the best sense of the word (actually, the worst sense o the word means the same thing).


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3 thoughts.

1 > An inexpensive, one or two person tabletop or suitcase and/or  
object puppetry show ABOUT the economic crisis could be an option. Get  
a local food or other biz to give a small sponsorship and money saving  
2 for 1 coupons given out after the show.

2 > feed people after the show as the old Bread & Puppet garlic butter  
& bread idea. (yum)

(warning, I feel a USA political rant coming on)

3 > As research for a new puppet play on the economic chaos go to the  
GOOGLE on the Interwebz and enter the text:

"stock injection plan bail out"

And see links about the best bail out solution for WE THE PEOPLE.

RANT > Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury could choose  
this idea, but then the Wall Street & Bank Thieves as well as Cheney/ 
Bush would have him killed* (made to look like a car accident or a  
suicide). The Stock Injection Plan makes we low income and working  
class citizens OWNERS of the banks.

* The best explanation/illustration of how the American Political  
Parties and the corporations they serve murder well known people is in  

Sorry for the rant, but the Paulson plan will likely make me homeless  
unless a more citizen friendly plan is adopted, given my disabled  
state of poverty.

- michael john moynihan
Milwaukee, WI, USA, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth

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