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>>i work and live by the cheap art manifesto .written by bread & Puppets.
> peace.
> r.

I have the cheap art manifesto printed and displayed in my studio.
It contains a lot of inspirational concepts. Some are idealistic.
I don't see how someone can take it all litterally and apply it as-is, 
without compromise.
If you really do, can you tell us how you manage?

For instance, the manifesto seems to say that Art should be cheap and 
accessible, which I have nothing against. But should all art be made cheap 
or free? What does that tell to the artists who want to make a living at 
what they do best, and work hard at it? What does that say to the world, who 
obviously already thinks that Art is less valuable than other careers?
It's wrong to think that way, as anyone with eyes can see that artists make 
the world interesting, they create variety, wonderful pleasing forms where 
function alone would not do.
While artists may not save lives as immediately and as obviously as doctors 
or firefighters, they really do save lives everyday, with the inspiration 
and motivation and education Art can bring.

My application of what I get from the manifesto is that there are many 
levels, types and applications of Art.
Some of it can be given for free, some of it should be paid fairly. All of 
its teachings should be made available to those who need and want it.

In an ideal world where people would be fair-minded and un-jealous, all 
careers would earn the same keep, and all would benefit from everyone's full 
involvement. Full blooming of everyone's potential and interests.

We don't live in an ideal world.
So we can work toward it, while still needing to adjust to the current 

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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Bread & Puppet controversy

>i work and live by the cheap art manifesto .written by bread & Puppets.
> peace.
> r.
> On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Alan Cook <> 
> wrote:
>> Gina, I am sorry to hear of your travails.
>> What is not clear: B&P has often been "controvrsial" and I don't know if
>> that was mentioned in preshow publicity. Someone expecting a standard 
>> kiddie
>> show of fairy tales or puppet varieties might not be prepared for what 
>> they
>> saw.
>> It sounds like there may have been problems in communication with your
>> local public BEFORE the show took place.
>> It is often useful to "warn sensitive souls" that a specific theatre 
>> piece
>> may be offensive to some, may not be suitable to those under age such &
>> such, may be for "mature audiences", etc. etc etc.
>> It is also a way of challenging an audience to decide if they are open to
>> an alternate viewpoint on stage or not.
>> The history of B&P  has certainly been colorful.
>> When I saw them here in California at various years & locations, the
>> audences knew why they wanted to see the performances. It does not sound
>> like that was the case currently. While giving helpful advance 
>> information
>> to ticket buyers is no guarantee that all individuals will pay attention, 
>> at
>> least then, the shoe is on the other foot.
>> Sometimes B&P could have behaved better. Years ago, they were scherduled 
>> to
>> perform at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood on the school LUNCH 
>> HOUR.
>> They showed up an hour late, having spent far too much time at the beach 
>> in
>> Santa Monica CA. They were NOT thinking about the needs of the audience. 
>> By
>> the time they arrived on campus, half the audience had to leave to attend
>> classes. The students were extremely disappointed, the show was well 
>> worth
>> seeing, there was no bread baked nor served, no sense of apologies for
>> showing up late. Not good PR for sure, and maybe a touch of arrogance and
>> disdain similar to that of cult religions.
>> It was painful for me, as an advocate for puppetry and an admirer of B&P 
>> to
>> witness such disappointment.
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> with love and affection
> edith gloria hole
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