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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 08:04:38 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Puptcrit] Call for presenters: Professional Day for the Teaching

Hello Friends,
In response to your inquiries about the special add-on seminar for teaching and therapy in puppetry at=A0the National Puppetry Festival, please see the information below, and consider offering your skills and expertise to others as a presenter as well as attending as a participant.=A0 Please note that the keynote address for the seminar is at the beginning of the next National Festival of Puppetry,=A0and the=A0workshops=A0are on Sunday, the last day of the festival.
Information about presenting a workshop for this special event is at the top, followed by general information about the event
Michael Nelson
Puppeteers of America National Festival, July 14-19th
Professional Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist
Facilitated by Judith O=92Hare , assisted by Matthew Bernier and Liz Freeman
For more information contact:
The goal of the Day is to offer training and skill building for puppeteers in the area of Puppetry in Education and Therapy.
Presentation should be visually stimulating as well as strong relevant content
Presentations topics can include: projects that are successful in educational or therapeutic settings, how the project can be adapted to specific ages and curricular areas, methods of documentation and evaluation; how to meet state and local standards; research; how puppetry meets curriculum goals such as literacy, social studies, science etc,; how to prepare a workshop for educators or children; Setting and meeting Goals; Working within a time framework (condensing and consolidating material) etc.
Each presenter will have a 30 minute time slot. 20 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for discussion
There will also be a 40 minute focus group session for Educators and for therapists
The Day will open with an hour Keynote, on July 14th at 4 pm, speaker/s tba.
There will be a sharing session and follow in the evening of July 19th. This will provide unstructured time to share photos, slides, experiences and idea.
The honorarium is free registration for the day and lunch.
Puppetry in Education and Therapy: Professional Day for Teaching Artists and Therapists

The 2009 Festival is pleased to offer this special add-on seminar. 

The Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist is an opportunity for puppeteers, therapists, teachers, librarians, and others who work in educational or therapeutic settings to learn from Master artist-educators/therapists and one another. It is a chance to work together to identify initiatives and set future directions. There will be presentations by puppeteers, educators, and therapists on successful projects, educational techniques, National & State Standards and research. Certificates of participation for professional credits will be given to all presenters and participants.

The Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist is organized by Judith O=92Hare, a nationally-recognized and award-winning leader in puppetry and education and assisted by Matthew Bernier and Liz Freeman. At the National Puppetry Festival, this event consists of two parts:

A keynote address and introductory session on Puppetry in Education and Therapy to be held Tuesday, July 14, 2009 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; and

A one-day seminar on Sunday, July 19, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Both parts will take place on the Georgia Tech campus.

Informal sharing session the evening if July 19th for people staying an extra night

The Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist was held at the past two Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Puppetry Festivals and was highly praised by participants. It the recommendation of the PofA Board that =93The Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist=94 be included all future Pof A Regional and National Festivals.

Registration for the Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist is not included in the 2009 National Puppetry Registration fee. It is an additional $40 which includes all materials and lunch on Sunday. It is not necessary to register for the National Festival in order to attend the Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist.

Registrants for the National Puppetry Festival will have an opportunity to =93add-on=94 the Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist during the online registration process. If staying on-campus in the dorms or apartments, they can extend their stay one night (checking out on Monday morning, July 20) for an additional $42/apartment or $31/dorm. For people staying Sunday night, there will be an evening sharing session in the dorm.

Those who wish to register only for the Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist should complete the Seminar Registration Form and mail it, with a check for $40 payable to =93The Puppeteers of America,=94 to:

Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist
2026 Susquehanna Rd
Abington, PA 19001-4406

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