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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 01:42:36 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Bread Puppet addition

> I know people who escaped various authoritative religions. It does not 
> surprise me that some became atheists as a result of extreme 
> disillusionment after personally witnessing total hypocrisy. Others were 
> able to maintain a spiritual outlook without all the old baggage  For me. 
> puppetry and the other arts was a means to this.. Life is a progrssion--we 
> don't get all the answers at once. If you put strict Mormons, rigid 
> Catholics and rigid Evangelicals in the same room, each would claim to be 
> the one true religion. We need more doubting Thomases to keep them more 
> honest and out of other people's hair.
> Alan

I lived this (reaction to hypocrisy from religion) as well.
Indeed, I now am a "douting person" (or may I dub myself "skeptical" without 
sounding too close-minded?).
I have been seen as a person with a problem toward authority, although it's 
only toward mispalced or misappriated or undeserved authority. Abuse of 
power, here I come, using my big mouth, to put a bar in your wheels...

That a puppet show can tell us about controversial events/decisions/facts, 
that it can help us question authorithy and make up our own minds, is a 
wonderful and powerful thing indeed!
What risks they must live with, what trouble they must face, out of choicem 
but one of necessity!
Not many will dare.
This is partly why I admire the Bread and Puppet company, even though I have 
only seen some infos online, and not seen any show or excerpt yet. (Also, I 
can't forget how they use paper mache as a major part of their arsenal!)

That a company does that (questionning) as part of their mission is truly 
remarkable and should be applauded. Of course, if they question, challenge 
and defy situations and people, they must be prepared to be questionned too.
I think they are, otherwise they wouldn't have lasted so long.

Sad to see such a company, with such a contemporary historical significance 
receive such treatment (stopping of a show, controversy) over a trivial 
"politically correctness" issue!

People disapoint me a lot over trivial things.
Especially those who should know better (teachers, principals, people who 
you,d expect were apt to think for themselves and not be close-minded or 

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