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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 03:56:42 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Easy Realistic Tree

I just completed a scale-model tree built in nearly the same fashion,
with only minor differences, using scrap styrofoam for the thick trunk,
and building our the exposed roots the same way as the branches.  Since
the tree is less than a foot tall, I stayed with the alumnum foil alone
due to size.  It's amazing the ammount of detail one can acheive even in
such small scale, all of which was brought out by painting the entire
tree in dark brown, then dry-brushing the entire thing with  lighter
shades of browns and grays.  The "foil" idea came to me from an idea
Disney Imagineers used for large sections of indoor set pieces of
rockwork, Using a material called PyroKure paper-two layers of heavy
brown craft-type paper sandwiching a layer of foil.  I don't know if this
stuff still being manufactured or not-it was used in construction for
insulating pipes and such, but the Imagineers used it to great success
for many years.  If you've ever been through the skeleton grotto scenes
of the Pirates Of The Carribbean attraction, much of the walls and the
entire ceiling of "rockwork" is made of this stuff. Backed by pencil
rebar, and covered in a thin layer of fibreglass, these sets have lasted
half a century of heavy use. I'm sure a sumilar use with foil, glue and
paint would work well for puppets.

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