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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 06:58:26 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Easy Realistic Tree

Cool techniquest.  If you need to build BIG 

At 03:56 AM 11/11/2008, you wrote:
>I just completed a scale-model tree built in nearly the same fashion,
>with only minor differences, using scrap styrofoam for the thick trunk,
>and building our the exposed roots the same way as the branches.  Since
>the tree is less than a foot tall, I stayed with the alumnum foil alone
>due to size.  It's amazing the ammount of detail one can acheive even in
>such small scale, all of which was brought out by painting the entire
>tree in dark brown, then dry-brushing the entire thing with  lighter
>shades of browns and grays.  The "foil" idea came to me from an idea
>Disney Imagineers used for large sections of indoor set pieces of
>rockwork, Using a material called PyroKure paper-two layers of heavy
>brown craft-type paper sandwiching a layer of foil.  I don't know if this
>stuff still being manufactured or not-it was used in construction for
>insulating pipes and such, but the Imagineers used it to great success
>for many years.  If you've ever been through the skeleton grotto scenes
>of the Pirates Of The Carribbean attraction, much of the walls and the
>entire ceiling of "rockwork" is made of this stuff. Backed by pencil
>rebar, and covered in a thin layer of fibreglass, these sets have lasted
>half a century of heavy use. I'm sure a sumilar use with foil, glue and
>paint would work well for puppets.
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