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Thanks a whole bunch, Mary.
I had heard about the russian visit by an ex colleague of yours, but he too 
couldn't remember the name.
I'd love to see how fast someone can apply those layers.
Something to look up to, and to work towards, you know!
Care to share a quick video sometime?

This is fantastic, and contains exaclty the missing information I needed to 
convince me to seriously try wheat wallpaper paste. I never found it here, 
but I'm guessing it's going to be the same if I use wheat paste for 
bookbinding (I guess might be more expensive, but at least I know we have 
some here).

The worries I had before have been silenced thanks to your sharing.
Thanks a lot!

My main worries were about trapped moisture causing mildew from within, 
thinking with food-based adhesives one HAD TO make sure each layer was drye 
before adding any. Also, I was weary of warping from moisture. But nowadays 
I seal my paper mache anyways, no matter what the technique employed.

I'm very excited!
No time to try now, but I'll make time very soon!
Now I just hope my cupboards have all the ingredients to make minutes and 

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>I thought I'd throw my hand into the papier-mache instructional.  I
> learned this technique years ago at Tears of Joy when a Russian
> puppeteer came to visit. I have forgotten his name,sadly. He had a
> gorgeous marionette and when we asked what it was made of, he said
> papier-mache.  He'd fled Russia with it decades earlier and the thing
> was in beautiful shape, with porcelain smooth skin.
> He did a demonstration of the technique. I was shocked. In forty-five
> minutes, he produced a head from a mold with detail rivaling the
> neoprene version.
> Yours,
> Mary
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