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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 06:00:17 -0800
Subject: [Puptcrit] What do Coppola, Toyota,

NEW YORK ( -- Despite a lineup of hip, 
thrifty gas-sippers, Scion sales were down almost 
40% in October, and down 6.4% year to date from 
2007. And that's after Scion finished last year 
with sales 25% below 2006 figures.
Its solution? Send in the clowns. Or, at least, send in the kung-fu puppets.

Scion announced this week that it is partnering 
with another scion, Francis Ford Coppola's son, 
the director Roman Coppola. For Scion, Mr. 
Coppola has produced a live-action, nine-episode 
puppet series called "The Fist of Oblivion" that 
will appear on its marketing website, Scion 
Broadband. In "Fist," kung-fu-fighting puppets 
seek to exonerate a cop who has been sent to 
prison for murder; new episodes will launch every 
Tuesday through the end of December. ........

Steve Axtell
Axtell Expressions, Inc.
Amazing Puppets & Magic

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